Cheers and salutations! Let us get acquainted. 

Favourite Authors

Some authors who inspire me: Noel Coward, David Sedaris, Patricia C. Wrede, William Shakespeare, Daniel Handler, Tina Fey, and T.H. White

 "I have a memory like an elephant. In fact, elephants often consult me " 
- Noel Coward

About Me

I started writing at age four. I was encouraged by teachers and relatives to pursue the hobby and have kept at it ever since. Though I have other interests such as television, comedy, and theater, my greatest passion will always be the written word.

My Family

I will soon be married to my partner of 11 years. Together we have a modest home and two cats called Hermione and Freddie Mercury, both of whom are beauties. 


Elowyn of Avalon

Book one of Tales of Avalon: Chronicles of a Forgotten Land. Discovering her own unforeseen powers at age 18, Elowyn must take up the mantle of Priestess of Avalon to fight against the force of The Older, the world's first evil. Her sister Windine joins the cause only to be sent off on an errand, and separately the two sisters discover the poison lurking just underneath the surface of what would be a perfect world. Elowyn must use her strength and influence to not only fight off The Older but keep the war against Heaven itself at bay as King Nimrod builds his tower to reach the gods on the island of Atlantis. 

The Floating City

Book two of Tales of Avalon: Chronicles of a Forgotten Land. Elowyn's soul has been trapped forever in Baba Yaga's magic mirror. Her sister Windine unites the Aves, Jinn, and mankind alike in an effort to release the Priestess. Meanwhile, civil war threatens to divide the nation, and the Jinn are under constant attack. Windine must choose whereon to focus her energy: the search for her sister or the rescue of the Jinn.

Albus Unus

Book three of Tales of Avalon: Chronicles of a Forgotten Land. Venta was born the eldest of three princesses, but is reluctant to step into her place on the throne. Her path is set before her when a mysterious magic mirror comes into her life and she tastes the flesh of a certain apple. With her wicked stepmother on the loose and the fate of her country Avalon in the balance, Venta must make the choice to set out on the journey fate has in store for her, finding danger, romance, and fantastic realms beyond her wildest dreams on the way.